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Posted by Helderberg Solar Energy on 05/13/2021

Solar PV System Installation Info

Helderberg Solar Energy is a renewable energy company that specialises in lowering the cost of energy for Commercial and Residential applications by using the latest innovations in green technology.

Hot water heating is a very cost effective option which with a correctly sized PV system could provide the best return on investment. A large battery solution may add significantly to the cost and would have a long financial payback time at current electricity prices.

Many electricity users in South Africa, especially industrial, pay a very high tariff when they use higher amounts of electricity than normal during peak times.

In these cases a PV system may be used to limit the amount of higher cost electricity consumed by storing energy during the hours of sunlight and releasing it during the high cost periods.

What makes the photovoltaic systems cost affordable is the fact that the sun has infinite renewability. Unlike other sources of energy such as oil and hydro whose availability varies with time and climate, we have no evidence whatsoever that the sun will one day stop shining.

Once installed the photovoltaic (PV) system has little or no maintenance therefore making it affordable to maintain in the long run.

It is however important to seek expert advice before ordering/installing a PV system. Power savings should be realized as soon as possible.

Helderberg Solar Energy values our customers and is proud to stand out as a pioneer in the renewable energy industry as far as technical knowledge, after sales service and maintenance is concerned. We are also a PV Green Card accredited company, take pride in our workmanship and in honouring our guarantees.

Our product range currently offers (Photovoltaic) Systems, Solar Geysers, PV Heat Pumps, Pool Heat Pumps and Low Energy (LED) Lighting.

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